Monday, July 6, 2009

Redneck Riveria

This is our view from our room of the pool and the beach-incredible

Our friend Bobby was spot on about Florida being the redneck riveria. We are in Destin, Florida for the 4th of July holiday. It is breathtakingly beautiful. I have loved every minute of it. But the wildlife-or the southerners that are part of the scenery-is just hilarious.

This place is riddled with tobacco, tattoo shops, airbrushing, confederate flags, gun racks, bud light and the accents-oh, the accents. What is it about a southern drawl that sounds so unintelligent? Surely these folks aren't as stupid as they sound? Is there a how-to be-a-hick handbook that gets distributed? I would love to see it.

Obesity is alive and well down here. I read last week where Colorado was the leanest state in the county-and I believe it now. At most of the restaurants there are about 3 salads on the menu and usually one has fried shrimp. There is always a large section for fried foods.

But to be fair, the south, with its unique culture, is home to some of the nicest and most polite people around. I cannot believe how kind and friendly people are. Skinny Colorado is not like that. People don't hold doors or say hello just to be friendly like they do here. And what a little jewel the gulf coast is! I have never heard of Destin Florida or Okaloosa Island but I would come here again in a minute. It is every bit as nice as Hawaii and not nearly as expensive (or snobby). Family vacations are the best. I still remember the ones I took as a kid, and it is a wonderful memory to give my sweet little boys. It's nice for hubby and me too to get away from all the noise of life!


  1. Looks like a great trip. I can't believe how gorgeous that sand it! And it sounds like you got to experience a new culture without getting a passport. Score!

  2. The funny thing is that a lot of us southerners don't consider most of Florida as being in the South b/c we say there are too many Yankees there.

    And it has been so hot here that I thought the white sand was snow there for a moment. Must have been a mirage.

  3. "This place is riddled with tobacco, tattoo shops, airbrushing, confederate flags, gun racks, bud light and..."

    When can I move?

  4. Mindee-yes, it was a great trip, and very much a new culture

    SUT-I hope I didn't offend you, I love Southerners, and I love to make fun of them too :)

    Brad-you are just saying that to sound cool. I am sure Rhode Island has plenty of backwards people.

  5. I don't think I've seen Tyler smile so much in pictures ever! Little guy clearly LOVED the beach!!

  6. As a native born Floridian from North Okaloosa County, I can tell you that only 60% of the people in Destin are Southerners. The other 40% are Yankee Transplants. It's about 80% Southern to 20% Yankee in the northern half of the county.

    Florida is about 80% Southerners to 20% Northerners for the top 2/5s of the state. Once you get South of Gainesville, Yankee culture is predominate on the coasts Central Florida. The interior of Central Florida is about 50/50 Southerner/Yankee. The bottom third of the state is 80% Yankee, mostly the really obnoxious Yankees from New York and New England.

    Educated Southerners speak with an accent and drawl, but they generally use appropriate grammar. Real rednecks, have the accent, drawl, and bad grammar.

  7. Anonymous-I hope I didn't offend you. I really didn't mean to. Honestly, I did get a chuckle at the culture shock-which I would in any part of the country so starkly different from where I reside. But, overall, I thought the people were so very nice and I truly appreciate the differences in all the wonderful places in this country.