Friday, August 7, 2009

Irritating Mysteries

This is a little column I like to write occasionally-mostly it spares my husband the incessant bitching (not really) about it because I can vent here!

How do those dividers where you keep silverwear in your kitchen drawers get so dirty? Honestly, those items go right from the dishwasher to the drawer. How can so much debris accumlate?

Why is that when I lose something (usually sunglasses, keys, ID cards), that as soon as I replace them, I find the original! UGH!

I hate opening a CD or DVD only to find a different one in the case-this sets off a chain affect that generally leads to an empy case.

Why can I not stop eating sunflower seeds?

Why does my husband squeeze toothpaste from the middle?

I am so dependent on appliances. When my dishwasher needed replacing, you would think I had forgotten how to wash by hand. And I am certain my husband never knew (thanks in large part to my mother in law)

Have you ever bought a watermelon at the store, then opened it to find it wasn't a good one? How in the world do you return it? It's just $5 gone to waste.

Commercials do not need to be so much louder than programs on television. They already make up for 50% of the time you are watching a show-do they need to be deafening as well?

I am so tired of Tom Brady! Honestly, can we make more of this guy?

Have you ever noticed that when you throw away a receipt, you almost always need it later? I swear, I could keep receipts for years, and the minute I throw one away, it seems like I need it! ugh!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Amusement parks

I took my kids to Elitch Gardens over the weekend. Let me just say-as amusement parks go-ours is a bit of a minnow. Though it has come a long way since its days on Tejon and 44th, it still doesn't compare to places like Magic Mountain in LA or Kings Island in Cincy. Now those are amusement parks. However, when it comes to the clientele, I believe it's probably similar.

Very interesting cultural diversity at these places. I cannot believe how many tattoos and piercings people can fit onto their bodies. I found it hard not to stare at times. I am one of those people who stares. I cannot help it. I am also amazed at how expensive everything is-and wondering how some of these folks can afford it. Honestly, it doesn't look like some of these kids could hold down jobs. One kid in front of me in line for Icees had a Mohawk about 10 inches high and some angry Tshirt with "F "you written on the front in big letters. I cannot imagine this kid in a job interview. I wondered if his parents knew what he was wearing-but judging from the rest of his appearance, I am not sure it would even be noticeable.

I realize I live in a suburbia bubble these days but I am not sure I could have ever done the urban lifestyle. I guess I am showing my age. Amusement parks amuse me for a whole different reason than they did when I was a kid.