Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh how I love it when....

Some of my life's greatest and simple pleasures:

  • taking your ski boot off at the end of the day

  • making every green light when you are in a hurry

  • finding a great parking spot

  • when there is no wait/no lines

  • when something is on sale-and there is actually one in your size

  • losing weight and not trying to

  • a clean house

  • fresh sheets

  • a warm sunny day-with blue skies

  • sleeping in

  • sound of children laughing

  • old friends

  • new friends

  • volunteering in my kids' classrooms-and knowing all the kids' names

  • new socks

  • warm blankets at the hospital

  • actually finding something in the lost and found-seriously-now often does that really happen?

  • bacon

  • when I hear the garage open, and I know it's Paul

  • cooking something that people really enjoy

  • the smell of rain

  • finding money in your pockets

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