Saturday, January 12, 2013

My favorite Christmas present

 I am so happy about my kitchen gadgets.  I know some women would not appreciate things like a food processor for Christmas.  But I am not one of them!  I am telling you, my new Breville Sous Chef food processor is the GREATEST gadget I have ever gotten as a gift.  

I am just delighted by it.  Even looking at it now makes me want go use it for something. My sweet husband and brother and mom (I think) all went in on this mother of all food processors.  I am so lucky to have these people who take such great care of me.  And in turn, I will take care of them.  I can make so many lovely treasures with this machine.  More than I even know of yet.  My only concern is its height makes it hard to store in my kitchen in plain sight.  Why would I want it in plain sight?  Because every time I walk in my kitchen, I can see it.  I even love the cord.  It's so modern looking.  

So, a giant thank you to my beloved family.  No gift is better than you....


  1. Very very nice piece if food prep--i see a family heirloom in the making there.

  2. that would be piece OF food prep.