Thursday, April 30, 2009

If I could.....

If I could be there today, I would:

Make you a big old waffle-and imagine we were sitting at Malibu Inn together having some all important conversation about our weekend plans and which boys are cute.

Then, we would pack it up and head to a pool somewhere to catch some rays on a perfect cloudless day. We could ride in a convertable with warm sunshine beating down on us. I would play great music on my Ipod that would bring us back to our barely-past-childhood days when we first met.

I would also enjoy a nice deep friend Zenover-a couple of beers, then off to the Blind Lemon.

And no trip is complete without catching a game at Riverfront-a bunch of Skyline chili dogs and a few cocktails at Barleycorns.

I have so many great memories of good times with you my dear friend-and as far away as they seem at times, they are never far from my heart. Speaking of my heart-I am sending you mine today; I know yours is broken-just use mine!

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