Sunday, February 22, 2015

Oh how I love it when

Life's simple pleasures…

things that are funny-movies, people, stories, I never get tired of laughing

a snow day-kids are out of school, we are off work, it's just a big lazy day-guilt free

fresh cut grass

the smell of chlorine and suntan oil

honeysuckle-one of my favorite smells in the world

chasing fireflies

catching a fish, and releasing it, even if it's big enough to keep

listening to music with my kids

when a car lets you in, especially in tons of traffic

waking up without the alarm, and feeling rested

watching the deer eating in my backyard in the middle of the night

being missed

the kind of hugs with both arms-giving or getting them

kind people-never underestimate how powerful this can be

when you see a picture of yourself you actually like-as opposed to the millions you can't stand

fast elevators

when the place to put the shopping cart is right next to your parking spot

getting packages in the mail-particularly when you aren't expecting it

walking the dog when there are no people out so I can let him run off the leash

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