Thursday, June 4, 2009

words that should not be words

I was recently at a Conference for the Association of Surgical Technologists (long term for people in the OR) which is where I work. The show photography shared a charming little story about the last conference he attended-it was called the Association for Non-Invasive Gynecologists.

WHAT? That is an oxy-moron. As a member of the female gender, I am telling you, there is no non-invasive gynecology. To which this mental giant responded, "well it's gotten better than the days when they split you open". Nice. That is not really a medical field is it? That is just idiots being barbaric and lazy. Do you really need to go to medical school to just split someone open? I do that with a turkey every Thanksgiving.

This wonderful, enlightening discussion did make me think about something though-and it's the opposite of one of my favorite bloggers, Brad (, who posted a list of words that should be in the dictionary but are not ( What I have been thinking about are words, like the aforementioned Non-invasive Gynecologists, that are in the dictionary but should not be:

grapefruit-honestly-this fruit in no way resembles a grape! It's more of an overgrown, bitter orange.

softball-who in his right mind thinks this ball is soft? perhaps someone who thinks a larger version of base is soft? yes, that makes perfect sense.

night stick-I have seen enough Law and Order to know that they use these during the day too

horsefly-I have never seen a horse fly-or a dragon fly for that matter. I haven't seen a house fly either come to think of it. Perhaps horseflies just like horses? then do dragon flies just like dragons? and house flies just like houses?

hot dog-I cannot even begin to imagine how processed meat that is not fit to feed a dog got named after one.

bathing suite-okay, if you are bathing, you should not be wearing anything. If you are swimming, you should be wearing a swim suite right?

restroom/bathroom/water closet/powder room-not that I have a better word (perhaps Brad can step in here), but none of these descriptions really seem to grasp the purpose of this room. I am thinking excrete room?

football-you have to give this one to the Euros; their version really does use the foot even if American football is a thousand times more interesting to watch. But then again, why do we even have the word soccer?

buffalo wings-these are chicken wings aren't they? who came up with the whole buffalo thing?

Feel free to add more of these non-sen sickle words, I know there are many more.

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