Thursday, January 22, 2009

Favorite lines

I love the line from the movie, Shawshank Redemption, "the world has gone and gotten itself in a big hurry" . I love it because Brooks, the character who says it, is an old man who has been imprisoned since the 1940's. When he is released into the1960's sometime, he finds the world to have changed so much-styles, cars, music, technology, etc. I think the same would be true of any person who took a leave for 20 years-regardless of the times. It totally encapsulates the parent/child generation gap. How I find myself doing that "when I was that age" crap I thought I would never do. I realize that we are all going to look upon our posterity with a certain lack of recognizability; and the cycle will go on and on. It helps me to take things less seriously. Why should I worry about hair styles (no brushes necessary today), fashion (what's with the plumber's crack on jeans these days?), music, technology; a sea of handheld devices that make the world go by in a nanosecond, how different the world is today than when I was a kid? When I heard my parents saying these things, I rolled my eyes and thought-it's called progress! I suppose the same is true today. It just makes you feel so insignificant. I hate to think these things I have so little control or understanding of will somehow shape my children's lives more than I will. But really, I don't think it will-anymore than it did when I was growing up. I still think of my life as having been shaped by feelings, people, beliefs and values. Things, devices, styles, all that crap was just details.

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