Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stand By Me....Continued

I head this song working out today. It reminded me of a sermon I was listening to this weekend. My minister was talking about the world we live in and its inexplicable obsession with doom and gloom. The economy is the biggest one. My husband lives in that world of turmoil all the time. worrying and worrying-it's tiresome. And thanks to the internet, we can literally hear about any all terrible behaviors worldwide at any given time. Isn't that handy? Just in case our immediate surroundings don't offer us enough to be upset over, all we need to do is click on on MSN or CNN or whatever, and we can be shocked and amazed at the true horrors of the world we live in.

But this song's lyrics reminded me that the world isn't always this ugly and unpleasant. I wondered for a minute who "you" would be in this song to me. Would I feel better with my husband by my side? my parents? my kids? Well, I suspect that answer varys for everyone. For me, it is Jesus. I happen to feel comfort and strength knowing He is always by my side. I also feel like those important folks I just mentioned have Him by their side too. This also gives me great relief.

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