Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I hate sorting socks

In addition to the mystery associated with the disappearing sock in the dryer that leaves me with one sock, I always manage to mismatch socks as well. I'll be honest, I did it before I had kids so I cannot even blame them. My husband and I have socks that are still missing. But now that I have 2 boys who wear almost the same size, they may never wear the right socks again. I try and buy the same ones I already have when I get new ones so that I can just put any two together, but it is still noticeable when I put a new white sock with a red stripe with an old white sock with a red stripe.

Why does this bother me anyway? Well, for one, I have visions of being a much more accomplished domestic princess than I really am. Though I have a fulltime job, I still feel it is necessary to have an orderly house, life, kitchen, etc. And naturally, I do not have any of those things. In fact, there is no order to anything in my life. I do things terribly last minute, I am late all the time, I am forgetful, I am unorganized and quite messy. So, at 38, one might think I would have just accepted these things. But it does bother me. I have some good qualities too-I am funny, witty, thoughtful, generous, congenial, kind, loving, loyal and pretty smart. If this were a word problem, we would achieve balance, and thus move on. But it's not. I live in that "trying to be perfect" world of womanhood. I think I need to be a good mom, wife, mother, daughter, sister, neighbor, friend, employee, Christian, and any other label I can think of.

It's just silly that I should aspire to be this accomplished. I got what I got. I will never be able to draw or ice a cake or decorate cookies or fold fitted sheets or sort socks.

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