Wednesday, January 21, 2009

To Win the Lottery

This is one of my favorite topics. I took it from my good friend Mindee's website. Mindee is one of my favorite people. She and I have reconnected recently, and I am happier about that than I could have ever imagined. But that's a whole other blog to itself.

I like this question because it is a great window into someone's personality. It reveals so much about our identity. Our biggest desires-both materially and emotionally. It describes what we would be doing in our lives if it wasn't what we are doing right now. I find it interesting how rarely the two line up-and a bit sad. It reminds me of those stupid questions you get in interviews-"where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?" No one ever knows the answers but it is usually not where we end up once we are there. I would have said being a mommy, but that's about it for how similar my life has been from what I would have envisioned 5 or 10 years ago.

I definately saw myself with a more succesful and meaningful career. I am so smart, so hard working and committed. I never would have thought I could lose a job, or be the kind of employee that just went through the motions.

I thought my marriage was rock solid, and my husband would never hurt me. I assumed loving someone was enough-that it really didn't require work; and that tough times would just pass.

I thought I could exercise and watch what a eat (minimally) and keep my weight the same. Ok, I don't do the best job of watching what I eat, but I really hate eating things that don't taste good!

I thought being a nice person and doing nice things for people meant people would be nice back. I thought loving your kids was enough. But I find that people let you down, and hurt your feelings. They may not even mean to. It's just one of those truths we discover as we grow up.

Would winning the lottery really change these things? A large sum of money could create a lot of comforts in my life where there are hardships. I would not worry about the cost of a private school so much. I would have more help around the house (the kind you pay for), I would have more pampering myself-manicures, pedicures, getting my hair done more often, etc. I would shop at places like Whole Foods, Tony's meats, Nordstrom, Coach, Gap for kids, etc. I would go to a fancy health club-the kind with a nicer bathroom than I have at home-where towels, hairdryers, salon quality products are plentiful. I would have a decorator and someone to help me stay more organized!

However, even with all these things, I don't think my career would make me proud, I doubt I would be thinner, I could not undo things in the past that still cause me a great deal of pain or make the world a nicer place. That's not to say I would turn these things away. I just don't think I could answer that question-"where do you picture yourself in x years?" any better with a lot of money.


  1. So I was over at Sunday Baker and saw a familiar looking face in the sidebar and clicked on it and it was you! Is this a secret blog? If not, I'll put a link on my page.

    Welcome to blogland.

    If either of us wins the lottery, let's leave our husbands and kids behind while we take a long cruise!

  2. No, it's not a secret, I just set it up and wasn't sure how to use it. I tried to add yours but it won't recognize the url address. It might be because I am on google. I am still trying to figure out how to use this thing!

    I would love you to add it on your page. thanks!