Sunday, March 8, 2009

Best of intentions

So, have you ever planned something you thought was going to be a great time, and then it just really wasn't? It's such a crappy feeling. I made dinner reservations for Paul and me last night at what I thought was going to be a hip little place downtown. Turns out, there were quite a few other folks planning to go downtown last night as well. In fact, after 30 minutes of driving around in a construction laden, skinny parking lot infested, over priced 5 or 6 block square radius, we finally found a $20 spot that we could not get the stupid autopay parking figured out. By then, we were both pretty frustrated-and we didn't even care anymore. We figured the parking ticket couldn't have been much more than $20 anyway.

Then, we got to the restaurant-a place called Limelight Supper Club. It is located right smack in the middle of the Denver Center of Performing Arts complex. Seemingly, a pretty hip and swank place. However, we walked in-and we were literally the ONLY people in the entire establishment. Seriously! I felt like a geriatric couple eating dinner 3 hours before the rush. I guess the reason was that the shows had already started so everyone who eats dinner there comes early to make the shows. Wasn't I feeling like the uncultured swine? It might have been salvagable if it was just an incredible meal-after all, Kevin Taylor is supposed to be all that in this town, and he is the chef. But, actually, it was a very average meal. The tomato soup tasted a lot like something I would make. Paul had lamb and I had salmon. It was very comparable to any chain restaurant we could have had in downtown Castle Rock (with free parking). Probably the best part of the night was the fact that we did not get a parking ticket. From all accounts, it was pretty much a disaster

On the bright side, it was good company. Paul and I did have a nice time together. I am sure we will laugh about this for years to come....well, we will mostly just laugh at me. In any case, deep down, I just know Paul appreciates that I had the best of intentions.


  1. Maybe you should show them a thing or two about husband and I have a couple dates like the one you described in our memories.

  2. Oh TC! Why why why didn't you call your little brother for advance advice? This, along with dressing you and your husband, is my area of special expertise!!

    You know I'm only teasing, but really, there are much better options in Downtown than a spot in the DCPA!

  3. Bummer. I love food and love thinking about it and planning it. To look forward to what should be a great meal and instead be disappointed would ruin my whole week!

  4. Yes, I am still feeling quite irritated and dissapointed. However, Mindee-I will say, I am making Kalua pork tomorrow night for dinner-tomorrow is his actual birthday. I can still salvage the occasion. I may do Paula Deans's baked beans too-with your adjustments Mindee.

    Jason, it's true, I should have cleared the plans with you. I just thought I was being so on the ball by coming up with a plan all by myself!

    SUT-In a bit of a twisted sense, I am kind of glad to hear I am not the only one! :)

  5. Paul Yarborough3/09/2009 11:58 AM

    Yes, it's all true! The company was great and it's the thought that counts. It did take me two drinks to finally mello out from our parking debacle. I did feel out of place at the restaurant and then Teri mentions that she was going to make reservations at one of my favorite, very hip restaurants (Izakaya Den). Teri was having a bad day, forgot two items on the way to the gym that day, had to go back to Nannies to retrieve them, lost keys, etc. Teri, are you pregnant?

  6. Seriously, there are some wines that I feel this way about. I've read stellar reviews in the various wine rags I read and online blogs I frequent, but when I've actually tasted the swill I'm like, uh, did I just spend $60 on that bottle? Or $18 on a glass? frankly my dear I am painfully aware of this. It happened on Sean's Bday too, our restaurant was crammed packed and full of teenagers on some snowflake date, the food was mediocre at best and I was very much like, wow, I could have made that at home, BETTER. however, as Paul said it's all about the company!
    Tell ya what, one time we will play restaurant, I'll come cook for you, send the kids to Pat's and I'll serve you guys it will be fun, plus no drinking and driving home!