Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Here is my list of the day:

I am TERRIBLE at parking. Not only parallel but all kinds of parking. On my behalf, I must say, cars have grown at a much faster pace than parking spots. Nevertheless, I have a serious problem getting between the lines. Come to think of it, I have always struggled at being between the lines. I am not very good at coloring either. And speaking of parking-how does one get such good parking anyway? It's one thing to be early-it's an entire other thing to get good parking. Wherever I am, I always wonder how early you have to be to get such a good spot. It's really just luck I suppose. I did once use a handicap sticker at the zoo with a girlfriend of mine, and I still feel completely horrible about it.

I have lied about my height and weight. I am not completely certain what my height is, and I really don't want to know what my weight is. I may start withholding the truth about my age soon as I am just a year away from turning 40.

When I fill out those painstakingly long forms at the doctor's office, I tend to lie about how many drinks I have in a week-and I never mention the cosmetic surgery I had.

I have fed my kids cupcakes for breakfast, popcorn for lunch and cold hot dogs for dinner (not all in one day).

I have purchased items that I have never worn. I cannot explain this as it really makes no sense. Maybe I thought I would lose some weight, or I was too rushed (or lazy) to try it on. Who knows. But occasionally, I do a purge of my closet and find things with tags on them. I have also told my husband that I have had this item while when really I just don't want to tell him I just bought it.

I told my dentist that I flossed once a week-it's more like once a month.

I cannot stand to touch raw meat. I buy latex gloves to prepare it. My mom makes fun of me all the time about it.

I think it's cold if it's under 70 degrees.

I cannot figure out how to put pictures up and have comments under them on this blog. I am terribly inexperienced at blogging-but I do enjoy it.

I could eat bacon at every meal-or as every meal.

I have Xanadu on my Ipod and I know the words!

I love facial hair on men-I have no idea why.

My idea of being a handyman is calling someone to fix it or buying a new one. I get anxiety when I see the words, "assembly required

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