Friday, March 20, 2009

The list

I was recently with a very together-with business person who said he did not like lists other than while he was at work. I understand that but there is a list I do like. It's a list of things I want to do in my life. We all have one-and I am not talking lottery winning, fantastical, long shot lists, I am talking the real life things I want to do before I leave this world.

Here is what mine looks like:

Travel-really travel-not just resort hop. I want to see Europe-the people, the customs, the culture, the real deal. I want to speak different languages, watch their shows, read their publications, order at restaurants, etc. I really want to experience it. It is a huge regret of mine that I did not do it earlier in my life. But there is still time.

Stadiums-I want to hit every stadium and ballpark in this country-and abroad too. I want to see hometown stands root for their teams, and cheer on my sorry teams (poor Chiefs!). I love to tailgate and see the fans get all fired up for their teams. I want to see Wimbledon and the Aussie and French Open. I wouldn't mind seeing a World cup soccer match-though I really don't get soccer.

See my kids grow up-I don't have too many expectations here-just that they are happy and that they outlive me. My worst fear is to outlive one of them. And since I am condemned to mother in law hood, it would be great if they married women I liked. I hope to be a good MIL.

There are certain entertainers that I would like to see perform-Bruce Springsteen is high on the list, I would like to see Madonna Sting, and Elton John too.

Drive-someday I want to drive a Mercedes CLK model-a sleek black 2 seater. Sure, I'll be 70 and they probably won't even make them anymore so it will have classic plates, but I don't care.

I want to ski until I have white hair-and on the runs I ski today (OK, maybe not as fast, but I skied next to a guy with white hair last time I went-we were on Phantom Bridge (black diamond bump run at Mary Jane)

I want to ride a train, in a helicopter and a hot air balloon.

Adrenaline junkie things-I would like to sky dive even though it scares me to death. It's probably like riding roller coasters, which I love. I would like to ride in a race car too-same reason.

See a musical/play on Broadway-Cats or Wicked comes to mind, but I would see anything there.

See Niagara Falls-I just want to hear that sound. I LOVE waterfalls

Go to New York City and Washington DC.

Fly a kite

Teach spinning class

This may be a to be continued does seem to continue to grow, and I am a bit out of steam tonight....


  1. Take your kids on the cog railway up Lookout Mountain. It's so cool and would count as a train ride.

  2. What a nice Bucket List! One of my goals is to walk the entire spanse of the Appalachian Trail, although I hear that takes 3 to 4 months and so I'll have to wait til my kids are out of school (when I am 42).

  3. I meant Pike's Peak of course. Duh.

  4. I'm amazed that you've never made your way to NYC ... You'd love seeing a show on Broadway, especially Wicked... or Avenue Q, you'd laugh your ass off!