Monday, March 9, 2009

More of life's irritating mysteries

It occurred to me that this column could be something I do more often than once. After all, the world really never stops irritating me, so here is another post:

Why do we have to type words in a little box for security purposes? And why are those words always impossible to read? Is there some connection with criminal internet behavior and someones ability to decipher those impossible scratchings?

And why can't parking meters take credit cards? And what happened to the days when parking meters didn't charge for weekdays and weekends?

Why would anyone tell you that you look tired? Isn't that just another way of saying you look terrible? I hate backwards insults like that. Just tell me I look awful!

Why are CDs and DVDs epoxied with industrial strength saran wrap material that could seal an army tank? And speaking of which, why can't saran wrap we use for food be that useful? It really only sticks to itself.

Have you ever noticed how the radio stations all play commercials at the very same time? Such a conspiracy. And I am a seriel flicker, so it really bugs me on the drive home.

Who came up with a 40 hour work week anyway? Was it some scientific calculation or was it based on a specific task/industry; or was it just arbitrary like most things that have to do with the workforce? Do we really need to work 40 hours? I tell you a stimulus plan that would work-cut it to 30 (same pay) and see how much daycare cost savings would help the middle class. Not to mention, people only work about 30 of those 40 hours anyway. I know people would work a lot harder and more efficiently if they only worked 4 day weeks-the same amount of work would get done as it does now. People would just be a lot happier, and families might start forming again. Our culture has lost its sense of family.

Why is it acceptable to wait in the lobby of a doctor's office for endless periods of time? Is there another profession where we could get away with that? Is a doctor's time that much more important than his patient's? The only ones more important would be those monopoly weilding folks like repairmen and servicemen-what's with the standard service window of time-"we'll be there between 8 am and 4 pm" What? Are you kidding me? I would love to be that loose on when I would get things done at work!

Why are there so many dead zones for cell phones? When our kids are grown, will they laugh at us when we tell them there was such a thing? It will be like telling them we had phone booths or rotary phones that weren't cordless.

Why is it that when I lose something, I look in the usual spot for it. Then I look around a bunch of other stupid places only to find myself looking in the original spot over and over again; long after I have determined that it is not there? As if it will somehow magically re-appear where it belongs in the first place! Am I the only one who does this?

I hate 35 MPG speed limits. I also HATE when a policeman is behind me-especially in a 35 MPG zone. I don't have to be doing anything wrong, and I still feel nervous and guilty. It reminds me of my 7th grade typing teacher who would stand over me until I made a mistake typing. He scared me to death. Invariably, I would make a typo instantly when he stood there.


  1. I took a Citizens Police Academy class to get rid of the fear of having a police officer behind me. It didnt work, I STILL hate it and get all sweaty and nervous when I see an officer behind me. However, I did discover that police officers feel the same way when they see a cop behind them. Dont know if that is supposed to make me feel any better.

  2. I love your 30 hour work week idea. It makes sense to me.

    Of course, I'm not in the daycare industry. They might take issue with you!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my (semi-active) slice of internet paradise!

    This post described my average week better than I ever could. Lord knows I've tried :)

    Will be in touch again!

  4. Hey sister, for some reason my comments must come up as unknown, don't know why, but it's me, I'm sure you can tell.

    Anyway in regard to plastic wrap, if the bowl is cold it will actually stick to the thing, don't ask my why. HOWEVER, what are you doing using that anyway? God knows we've got enough tupperware between us to cut up the moon and store it in airtight containers for an indefinite period of time. :)

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