Monday, March 23, 2009

odds and ends

I love spring! It's not my favorite season, summer is, but springtime in the rockies is a close second. Why? Well, for one, it's not winter anymore. And that's a good enough reason really. But it also means that summer is next up.

I love a good thunderstorm and we rarely have them-but they are most common in spring. It is such a desert here that even when we do get the spring rains-they last about 10 minutes, and it is bone dry again an hour later. Mainly, they just keep car washes in business. I always hear that it's the wettest season for us, but that's not saying much. It is SO dry here. I don't love a ton of humidity (a la Texas or Florida) but would it kill anyone if we had just a tad more? I was flying in last week, and all I could see for miles was brown. It looked like if you dropped a match, the whole place would go up in flames. I hate to complain because this really is a great place to live, but I would love to go one day without lotion and not look like an alligator.

I also love March Madness, daylight until 7 or 8 pm, spring skiing, breaking out the flip flops and open toed shoes again, the flowers that mysteriously pop up every year in my flower beds. I have a black thumb but somehow they still grow. So, I am very content with the time of year.

In other news, my older son informed me that he will no longer wear "tighty whiteys". He is 7. Kid already knows slang for his boxers. He is finally getting big enough to wear the XS size in boxers. If you follow this blog, you realize how happy that makes me. Just today, I noticed a pair of sweats he was wearing looked a bit small on him. Yay!! It seems since he got diagnosed with asthma, and has been on lots of inhalers for it; he has been hungry.

My younger son does not care about such things as underwear, but he does love to wear his wife beaters. In fact, if I put one on under a shirt of his at school, it is likely when I pick him up, that is all he is wearing. Speaking of what he wears to school, last Friday, he went to school as Batman. And right now, he is climbing the indoor basketball hoop (don't ask) while my older son shoots. It's lovely.

I have a lot of work I should be doing in this house, and instead, I am just sitting here-blogging. Such an over achiever!


  1. I love that Jackson says things like "tighty whiteys" and that Tyler is a fan of the wife-beater ... Can't wait to see your monkeys in just a few weeks!!

  2. Which son would that be Brad? Are you a fan of boxers or wife beaters?