Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Coach

This is an old post. I wrote it for Paul (and the other coaches) for the end of year little league baseball banquet. He really inspired me, and this is one of my favorite things I have written about him. And today's theme is Paul by the way!

It takes a special kind of person to coach a team like this. We want you to know how much we appreciate you all:

Thank you for working so hard and being so steadfast in your commitment to this team. You helped us become better ball players and better sportsman. Thanks for playing catch with us, chasing balls, throwing balls, hiting us with balls, helping us find our gloves and caps (EVERY INNING); for cheering us on, never losing your cool-except when it was YOUR kid. Thanks for braving the famous Colorado spring weather-which always seemed to sandwhich the coldest days when we played between those rare warm ones, which we were off. Thanks for enduring grouchy umpires, over caffeinated opposing coaches, and classic little league innings that just make you scratch your head. Thanks for celebrating our victories and encouraging us through our losses. You never gave up on us, you gave all you had to give (probably more than we even know)every game, every practice, every week.

Behind every good childhood memory, experience, opportunity to grow is a tired, selfless, patient, giving parent. Thank you for being you-my hero, my coach, my dad

June 2008,

the mighty windham dolphins

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