Friday, February 20, 2009

The Story of the Light

Once upon a time, a young girl and young boy met. It was as if they had known each other forever, and they fell in love. They had been wandering the world. Each one had al little opalescent glass container. These containers were exactly one half of a whole. When they met, the two fit perfectly together-of all the ones in the all the world (and everyone in the world had one), and a beautiful, intoxicating light shone brightly from the union of those glasses. And it felt so good.

For years, the light would burn with happiness, love and passion. Oh, it had an occasional flicker, but it always stayed lit. No winds could ever snuff it out, no storms, no thunder; no dark clouds-nothing could penetrate this flame. It was the flame that proved forever. These two were made to be together. And the summers came and went; and the two of them lived with peace and laughter and tears and fears and harmony and love.

Then there was a change. The family had an addition, and then another. During those years, the glass got shifted, cracked, and eventually broken. It was the saddest sight either of them had ever seen. It had always been a place for the two to go that would lift their spirits and give them purpose and hope. When the other two people came into the picture, the glass just got put under too much pressure from trying so hard to include their little pieces in it too. Only, it was just meant for the two of them. For this was very special glass. It was made by God Himself just like the boy and the girl were. It was designed for the two who would provide the foundation for these two little beings it rendered as a result of its union. That light represented the very special connection between that boy and that girl. Only, she had forgotten that, and he just got angry at her for it instead of taking her by the hand and showing her. And they forgot about their light. So, for the first time, that wonderful, light was gone. The glass had broken and the flame had disappeared.

But in the darkness, the two picked up the pieces and found a way to put them back together. For they came to remember that they really missed that glowing light-and the meaning it gave them and how it held them together. They longed for its warmth comfort and shelter. They realized that no one else’s could fit and make it glow like it had all those years. So, they worked and worked, and slowly but surely, those cracks mended and the light began to shine again.

Only there were a few cracks that didn’t heal properly, and they were once again faced with the job of mending it. This seemed so hard to do. They were sad and tired and doubtful. They felt like they had just done all that, and really just wanted to blame the other one for the improper fixes. Those cracks had the words “regret” and “unforgiving” and “anger” and “fear” written all over them…..

So, this is where my story ends-or maybe where it begins. Relationships can be hard work sometimes, but it is always worth it for the one you really love and belong with.

This is my story, and everyone has one. I think mine will have a picture of two people riding off into the sunset together...forever.


  1. Very nice representation and simile of relationships and life. I want to hear more of the story.

  2. I always think our story will have a happy ending. But I forget that it is such hard work-they don't just get granted by the wand of a fairy tale character. Wouldn't that be nice?

    I have been following your blog for a while now. You are such an incredible success story. I have really enjoyed reading it. Thank you!

  3. Sis, I think you would make a great bedtime story writer! I love the way you tell your story here.