Saturday, February 14, 2009

Life's irritating mysteries

Why is it that a CD can not be re-used? If you put ONE song on a CD, it renders it useless-even if there is plenty of room left. It is just ridiculous.

Why doesn't Sam's have an express lane? It's not like you can avoid spending $100 every time you walk in, they could at least help you out with a 5 or less lane.

And why do we long to be adults when we are teenagers; and then we spend most of our adult years missing being younger? I remember thinking I could not wait grow up and make my own rules, and eat whatever I want and go to bed whenever I wanted. Now, I would love it I could eat my parent's cooking every night. I would love to sleep a lot more, I don't care about being in charge-I just wish I didn't have as much responsibility.

Why does the lane I get in always slow dow? It is especially true when I am in a hurry. I am also quite irritated when someone cuts me off then goes super slow. Why?

Why is it so much harder to lose weight than gain it? You never see weight gain products make the infomercial scene.

Why do my kids go nuts the minute I get on the phone? Even as infants they did it. They also do this when I am having company and trying feverishly to figure out how to make my home look remotely habitable.

Why do my kids manage to get scrapes and cuts on their faces right before pictures?

Why do things that are healthy for you rarely taste very good?-and why is it SO expensive to eat healthy foods? I remember when I was growing up, eating out was not something we could afford to do very often. Now, eating fresh food at home is harder to afford. I believe my family could live much cheaper on McDonald's and Taco Bell. I am not saying this because we should or we will, I just don't know when this shift happened. Eating out used to something only wealthy people did.

Why are the DMV and the Post office always crowded? Often times there are many people who are working there but they are not helping customers. I always get up to the front about the time someone goes on break. It is the same thing as driving by construction sites-they are RARELY actually doing any work.

Why are there so many Starbucks, Panda Expresses and Tokyo Joe's? Who is going to all these places? They just keep popping up.

What ever happened to Marie Calendar's frozen Mac and Cheese? It was the best!

Why do they make lemon and orange Jolly Rancher's? No one eats those.

Why does Tyler get bloody noses all the time? And why is it in the middle of the night so often?

Why is it such a hardship when moms have to go out of town leaving husbands at home with the kids, but it is just a no brainer when husbands travel? Honestly!

Why don't men sort the laundry? Why don't they use dryer sheets?

Why do kids like SpongeBob so much? That is a terrible show.

Why do public restrooms have toilet paper that is impossible to turn?

Why do people feel the need to one up you all the time? I hate the expression "been there, done that"; there is no reason to ever say that to anyone ever.

Why is it so likely to get your order messed up at the drive through?

This list could go on for days! Please feel free to add some if you are reading.


  1. Why don't I crave carrots?

  2. the blogger formerly known as the frogster2/27/2009 7:22 PM

    i am a guy and i use dryer sheets and sort the laundry, so there. gaining weight is easier because it requires purposeful inaction as opposed to purposeful action. the lemon jolly ranchers are for ME. ME, ME, ME. but they should totally scrap the grape ones. barf city.

  3. Public bathrooms toilet paper always makes me want to scream!!!