Thursday, February 5, 2009

I don't say enough nice things

My husband is a good man. But I don't tell him often enough. Being such an expressive person, it never occurred to me that I had such an absense of nice things to say about him on my blog. There is actually quite a lot to say:

Paul is a brilliant athlete-and he makes it look so effortless. When he has the ball, or he is up to bat, or he takes the field, there is just a sense of comfort and relief. He just belongs there. He has also passed this wonderful gift along to his kids.

He is a great dad-he loves his boys more than life itself. There is no doubt in my mind that he would take a bullet for his kids, and everything he does in life, he does with them in mind. He never scrimps on them, he wrassels every night with them, he goes to all their events-school, sports, whatever. He has been the only dad at school functions before. He makes their lunches, fixes their hair, buys them cool shoes, fixes toys that break, plays ball relentlessly with them, he carries them when they are tired. He tells them he loves them.

He has a remarkable talent for coaching. He just knows how to connect-he can give you just the smallest bit of advice or adjustment, and it makes a world of difference. He is even more talented with young kids. Not everyone who is a good athlete makes a good coach, but Paul has an incredible quality for it. I admire and respect it. I don't think he even realizes it. My heart skips a beat when I see him take the mound at Jackson's little league coach pitch games-I know he is nervous, and he makes it look so easy. That is pure heart.

He is so dedicated to his career. He works his heart out at a job he really doesn't like that much. He has become a very succesful and respected man at work which he really downplays. I am so proud of him.

He has the best chest in the world, and I LOVE to cuddle with him. My head fits perfectly in the space below his neck on his chest. I love when he kisses my forehead. I wish we did that more.

He carries things that are heavy, and he takes out trash, scoops the yard, shovels snow, always drives, holds doors, holds my hand when we are in crowded places, warms up my car, gives me his jacket when I am cold.

He is freakishly good at fantasy football! Seriously.

He is not a picky eater-and I love this about him. I can cook something that just sucks and he is grateful and eats it anyway. When I make something that is good-it is tenfold as rewarding, so it really motivates me to want to be a good cook.

He is willing to update and upgrade his wardrobe, and he looks awesome in the modern clothes he wears. Such a sharp dressed man! He looks so hot when he goes to work every morning. And he manages that while still being very manly.

He calls/emails me with updates on the sports scene. I love it! We talk sports all the time, and even though we argue over it sometimes, I really enjoy the conversation.

He is my favorite person in the world to ski with. It is harder than you would think to find someone who is the EXACT same skier as you are. We are just that. The other person on that list would be Debbi-Paul and I LOVE to ski with Deb!

He is a huge movie buff. In fact, he has a ridiculous knowledge of 80's movie and music trivia. I have tried to stump him with my Ipod mixes, and it just cannot be done. I make fun of him for it, but honestly, I am pretty impressed!

He plans wonderful dates-very good at finding great restaurants and always up for trying new things. I love drinking wine with him. There is no one better to go out to dinner or happy hour with.

He loves to travel; he has a huge sense of adventure.

He is good at math, he is very organized, good at remembering things, he never flakes-he is super reliable.

He takes good care of himself. He goes to the gym, tries to watch what he eats, he hardly ever gets sick.

We both hate to camp-our idea of camping is a condo. The key here is that we are both the same. He is very out-doorsy-just likes the condo life-just like me.

He used to be so in love with his dog. I always thought that was such a nice quality. He showed such an awesome display of man loving his dog. I know he has never recovered from losing his best friend, Casey, but I do miss that side of him. It was such a beautiful friendship.

He is always warm-inexplicably. He can hold a carton of ice cream in the store, and his hands don't get cold! I can't understand it.

He a very fun person; really, he is a giant child-he will play water guns with grown men, go down water slides at water parks, bust his a$$ roller blading, ride roller coasters all day long, light fireworks, ride dirt bikes-with no caution, go white water rafting-and sit in the front, ride ATV's-just balls out, take out people trying to catch a foul ball (he has caught 2 believe it or not), dress up in hilarious costumes for Halloween, snowmobile up hills he has no business going up, try the hottest dish in any restaurant (then regret it later), hang off the bow of a boat to try and touch a dolphin, go to a sporting event every chance he gets, the list never ends. He just cracks me up!

He and I both dream of going to the all the tennis grand slams; and every football and baseball stadium in the country someday. I can't think of anyone I would rather do that with. He is so fun at those things-it's like we are both about 12 years old.

As I reflect on the things I have always known about it, I wonder if he knows these things. I worry that he does not. I also worry that he does not always feel appreciated and loved like he should. He can be so masculine sometimes, that I forget he may actually have these needs too. I am sorry I don't tell him enough about all the great, funny, unforgettable attributes I see in him. I hope to do a better of job of that in the future.


  1. That's quite a list! I'm glad you made it. It's nice when spouses like each other.

  2. I bet we all have these lists, we just don't always express them. I was inspired by your post on Rich's birthday. I loved the nice things you had to say about him. We are lucky to have good things to say about these significant others in our lives!

  3. Your husband is the perfect guy for you and your sons. Congratulations!! So many of us struggle to find our soul-mates--I have a soul-mate and a husband in two different individuals. I feel luckier than anyone I know to have two people in my life who love me and each other.